Saturday, 30 October 2010

Catch of the day, Week 4 CSM

Catch of the day from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

key frames (catch of the day) from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

This week was all about pushes, pulls and lifts. Its Breca again! He's been out fishing for grub and he's dragging his catch back to his shack of a home. Breca doesn't like fishing- actually he doesn't like any manual work at all- but when he's forced to go he catches the biggest thing he can find, then lives of it for as long as he can. This time he caught a whale which will probably last him week. He also prefers to get things done quickly just so that he get back to his ale.
I've included a bit of process this time (for oschon esp) showing my different approaches to him moving towards the camera at perspective.
Some sound effects of sea gulls, waves and dragging on a pebbled beach would have gone nicely with this.

Collective life drawing

In life drawing this week we had to do a collective drawing exercise. Each person had about 5 mins to start their drawing, then we rotated around the class and drew on top of each others work, correcting and adding to them for about 3 minutes. We did this about five times before returning to finish off our original drawing again for 3 minutes. I am quite impressed with this outcome, cheers to all who added to it.  

Life Drawing. Week 4 CSM

On the northern line, week 4

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Follow Through and Anticipation Gag exercise. Week 3 CSM

super powerful kung fu jump from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

This week we were asked to complete a follow through exercise, which essentially meant animating a ball bouncing up and down with a tail attached to it. We were also asked to animate an anticipation gag that included some stretch and squash principles. Our layout to follow was a man jumping onto a diving board then falling into water. 
I was kinda fed up of balls from last week so I created this character whose head is basically a ball. I then combined the two separate exercises into this rough animation, which adds a lil twist to the diving board.  I did have more elaborate scenes planned, but in the end this was the best i could do with the four days of animating i had to complete the task. 
However i was really pleased that it got a few laughs and a wonderful response at the crit. 

Life Drawing. Week 3 CSM

On the northern line, week 3

i wasn't as prolific in my life studies as i was last week but i shall blame that on the london transport tube network which was in turmoil this week! delayed trains, cancelled services and over-crowding! honestly how am I supposed to work in these conditions!! ;)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Flash and Wacom test. week 2 CSM

flash animation test from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

So after having my fill of bouncing balls i decided to go off on another tangent and experiment with my Wacom tablet and flash. Its a very simple but this is the first time i have ever used a Wacom and its also my first attempt at animating directly into flash. Quite a helpful test that may come in handy later in the year.

Balls of fury. week 2 CSM

bouncing ball 1 from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

bouncing ball 2 from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

Sketching a Crit

I was paying attention to everyones animated balls but i also couldn't resist trying to capture as many attentive poses as possible. perspectives a bit off though. 

The start of life drawing, week 2 CSM

On the northern line, week 2