Saturday, 27 March 2010

Back to life drawing

Last week i finally got back down to Candid arts trust for a couple of life drawing sessions. It was good to get back into it (the last time i went was in december) but i am conscience of how much i need to improve.
These are all charcoal drawings on A1 paper, with the duration of the poses ranging from 2mins- 40mins. In the male images the emphasis was on light and tone.     

Friday, 26 March 2010

Handy studies

Apologies for the hilarious title. I have noticed that in my illustration work i struggle to visualize hands and draw them correctly. Its actually a problem i've lived with for quite some time, but now i have had enough! These are the first of what will be a series of hand studies. however i also struggle with feet so more anatomical drawings will be posted soon! exciting or what?!!      

Character sketches

These are a selection of sketchbook drawings produced at work. At the moment i am redesigning a number of characters and developing a story from scratch with my good friend Oschon (graphic designer) Its extremely enjoyable and also great experience! These are just some examples of early stage sketches, i will be developing some of them further in the next month. They will get better!! (i hope)  

Friday, 19 March 2010

Just for fun

Its been a while since i posted any work on here, and thats because i have been kept busy at my new job, i swear! anyway i was bit bored on a friday night... so i thought i might spend it coloring the egg animation from earlier. i know its a rubbish animation but i thought id just finish it off simply for the fun of it! still haven't got round to sounds yet, maybe next week.
no life drawing yet!!but again maybe next week! need to get back to Candid soon.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Great Success!!

On Wednesday I received an Unconditional offer for a place on the prestigious Post graduate Diploma in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins!!!
All the hard work over the last six months has finally paid off!
i will now be trained as a character animator this September!!

Good times 

Sunday, 7 March 2010

So where now

The plan from now is to continue life drawing sessions at the Candid Arts trust for as long as i can afford them. If i am to improve my skills in animation then it is vital that i improve my knowledge of the human body; how it looks, how it moves, how weight effects its form, how positioning effects proportions etc etc. 

Last christmas one of the most practical presents i received (apart from a Thundercats T-shirt) was Richard Williams book 'The Animators Survival Kit' which i am told is a crucial read for any one interested in animation. There is a lot to take in but so far it has been very useful stuff and Williams even writes in great detail of the importance of life drawing, so its imperative that i keep up the classes.

At the moment i have just landed a job working as a illustrator/story developer, alongside a good friend and graphic designer, Oschon Wespi- Tschopp (some of his print based work can be viewed here ). I cant share the details of what i am working on just yet but i can say that its great fun and brilliant preparation for what i want to do in the future. The company itself is a fantastic members club for families and is located in Battersea, if that interests you then check out their website 

I will try my best to keep working and keep posted regularly! Then hopefully this blog will show my progression through animation, from the stage i am at now till what ever position i am in, in the future