Sunday, 7 March 2010

So where now

The plan from now is to continue life drawing sessions at the Candid Arts trust for as long as i can afford them. If i am to improve my skills in animation then it is vital that i improve my knowledge of the human body; how it looks, how it moves, how weight effects its form, how positioning effects proportions etc etc. 

Last christmas one of the most practical presents i received (apart from a Thundercats T-shirt) was Richard Williams book 'The Animators Survival Kit' which i am told is a crucial read for any one interested in animation. There is a lot to take in but so far it has been very useful stuff and Williams even writes in great detail of the importance of life drawing, so its imperative that i keep up the classes.

At the moment i have just landed a job working as a illustrator/story developer, alongside a good friend and graphic designer, Oschon Wespi- Tschopp (some of his print based work can be viewed here ). I cant share the details of what i am working on just yet but i can say that its great fun and brilliant preparation for what i want to do in the future. The company itself is a fantastic members club for families and is located in Battersea, if that interests you then check out their website 

I will try my best to keep working and keep posted regularly! Then hopefully this blog will show my progression through animation, from the stage i am at now till what ever position i am in, in the future         

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