Monday, 30 May 2011

On the northern line, Week 25/26

clean up tests

Rough Animation CSM Week 25

This is a really sketchy version of the key frames of my film, at some points i have just cut my animatic.
Feedback from our rough cut crit was on the whole very positive. However It was suggested that I shorten the length of the first kiss as some people in the audience found it a tad 'creepy' that a young women was kissing an old man so passionately. I was initially a bit shocked by this reaction as i felt strongly about the scene and about showing mary as a loving and passionate women. I will try shorten it and see if i get my desired reaction of a small confused shock. Also people disliked the design of 'Mary' and thought that her Disney Princess appearance didn't fit with the feel of the film or the design of her husband 'Fran'. It was suggested that i make her more stylized in the same mode as 'Fran', less sexy and more (forgive the word) domestic. Fair comment i guess, although the rough cut was'nt animated on model. A few of the Scenes arn't timed exactly and rush by a bit too quickly.      
Right now i am ploughing through my scene's putting the characters on model and adjusting the animation not long left now!!  

Monday, 16 May 2011

On the northern line, Week 23/24

Back on the great northern line again, bit of shaky return hopefully next week will bring about better drawings. Have been using some awful biro pens that haven't been much fun to draw with so I better change that.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Final Animatics

Calling all my blogging heros (you know who you are) please share your thoughts with me. Is something not reading well? should i change something? what would make it better or should i just start again? :)
the second animatic gives an idea of how it will work with the layouts. Im not entirely happy with the layouts but i don't really have time to go over them just now as i need to get on with the actual animation.

More Layout Practice

Tried very hard to keep my layouts as simple as possible yet at the same time very clear to the audience. wish i had more time to do more but then its not really my thing so i doubt they'd get much better than this. Saying that though i did actually go through two whole sketchbooks just to get to this level! better keep practicing. 

Character Development pt 3

some more scrappy sketches from my journal.