Monday, 30 May 2011

Rough Animation CSM Week 25

This is a really sketchy version of the key frames of my film, at some points i have just cut my animatic.
Feedback from our rough cut crit was on the whole very positive. However It was suggested that I shorten the length of the first kiss as some people in the audience found it a tad 'creepy' that a young women was kissing an old man so passionately. I was initially a bit shocked by this reaction as i felt strongly about the scene and about showing mary as a loving and passionate women. I will try shorten it and see if i get my desired reaction of a small confused shock. Also people disliked the design of 'Mary' and thought that her Disney Princess appearance didn't fit with the feel of the film or the design of her husband 'Fran'. It was suggested that i make her more stylized in the same mode as 'Fran', less sexy and more (forgive the word) domestic. Fair comment i guess, although the rough cut was'nt animated on model. A few of the Scenes arn't timed exactly and rush by a bit too quickly.      
Right now i am ploughing through my scene's putting the characters on model and adjusting the animation not long left now!!  


  1. Dude! Keep going!
    I particularly like the animation for when Mary sits Fran up and also when she pulls him up - lovely weight. Don't forget to do those arms for the transformation ;)
    Good luck!

  2. i will dude ill keep at it till only have two weeks to go!! Thanks theres a lot of movements i dont like esp Frans heart attack, need to change that. dont worry the transformation will be improved soon.
    thanks again for your encouragement bro

  3. DUDE!!!
    Just seen your work!!!
    This is LOVELY!!!!
    I actually even shed a tear.... especially when the words came up at the end!!!
    I am sooooo impressed!!!
    Even in the rought, i can see great volume and weight in the characters!!!
    i am so excited and cant wait to see it all come together!!!
    Good luck!!! :D