Friday, 23 December 2011


i have been a bit surprised with the early response and kind feedback to my student film Passing By
these nice chaps were kind enough to post my film on there video channels and websites:
The peg bar and grill 
Animated review
Everything Animated 
Animated film makers society  

thanks a lot!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

my student film: Passing By

Passing By completed at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design 2011.  

At long last i have finally decided to upload my student film! many apologies to those who have waited so long to see what i ended up with (Laurent and Tori especially) i had initially planned to work into it more but i got caught up with other priorities. Then as the months flew by, i returned to the film but i felt i had grown as an animator and if i started to fiddle around with it id just end up re-animating the whole film. however i did tweek a couple of minor things that bugged me in the original version i graduated with. Now its time for me to move on. 
i really hope you all enjoy it!          

some straight ahead fun

random komodo

i designed some lizard characters for an education project my sister was working on. i kinda liked this one. 

more attempts at drawing

oh how i yearn to be a better artist!