Saturday, 17 December 2011

my student film: Passing By

Passing By completed at Central Saint Martins college of Art and Design 2011.  

At long last i have finally decided to upload my student film! many apologies to those who have waited so long to see what i ended up with (Laurent and Tori especially) i had initially planned to work into it more but i got caught up with other priorities. Then as the months flew by, i returned to the film but i felt i had grown as an animator and if i started to fiddle around with it id just end up re-animating the whole film. however i did tweek a couple of minor things that bugged me in the original version i graduated with. Now its time for me to move on. 
i really hope you all enjoy it!          


  1. Oh looks lovely. Reminds me a lot of Drawing Inspiration.

  2. Congrats dude!
    You tackled a very difficult subject and the product oozes sincerity and heart. The fact you did it on your own and it's almost 3minutes is also a victory! (spinning hug shot rocks :P)
    But yeah, don't dwell on things you would change - everyone grows, but it's important to apply that growth to new works and not just redo the old...
    Hope you are well!

  3. Frankie dude!!!!!!

    This is beautiful!!!
    I just realised i hadn't seen everything together with the music etc, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!. Seriously, i felt myself welling up!!! My goodness, you really nailed the emotional stuff, and to think you did this all on your own, is incredible!!! I am so proud of you and how far you have come. Also. fo how you seriously take on board, the smallest of advice thrown at you and work wonders with it!!
    I love the heart in this and it certainly proves how STORY in the number one key factor in expressing emotion. You dont need life like characters, or perfectly inbetweened and cleaned up animation. YOu tell the story as it is, and i could see my grandfather through out this from the very beginning! You will probably laugh when i say, i felt the same heart and emotion watching this, as i did when i saw the scene in Up with Carl and Ellie growing old together.
    You give the audience some thing that people can emphasise with, which automatically tugs on the emotional heart strings. With no showing off, just skill and heart, you have really made this work, and i think it is perfect, just the way it is.

    SOrry, for waffeling on. Im just very proud of what you have achieved and you should be too.

    ALso, thank you so much for the add in the credits. That is incredibly kind of you, but i didnt do much!! YOur the one who did all the hard work!!

    Keep doing what you do and you do and you'll go far dude!!!

    Have a very merry christmas, and all the best for the exciting year ahead!! :)

  4. tori- wow I am really touched by your comments, thank you for your support and kindness!in truth if it weren't for the advice you and the others gave me it probably wouldn't of been finished and definitely wouldn't of turned out like this. credit where credits due, and your help was much appreciated. please keep stopping by and helping me out!coz i still really need it!

    Laurent- thank you my friend and also thank you for the pointers you gave me during production. as always your wise words are noted.

    Gillibean- thank you for your comment. the directors of drawing inspiration motored me during my study, they were also kind enough to show me there working process in flash, which i found quite intuitive and so tried to use a similar approach on my film. i was REALLY Inspired by Drawing inspiration so i am flattered you made a connection, though i can only dream to animate and design as well as Tim and Wes.

  5. have a merry christmas everyone!

  6. Merry Christmas to you Brother. To say I love this film would be an understatement. I was fortunate to see this beauty from beginning to end. The hard work paid off . I love the sentiment and spirit of it. well done Frankie.

  7. kristian- thanks brother that means a lot. i was fortunate to have you around to bug with questions and get awesome advice. i am proud that you like it.