Saturday, 17 December 2011

some straight ahead fun


  1. Looks great frankie!!
    Can tell you had fun with this one!!
    It kinda reminds me of something... maybe be project Gouken??
    Looks great dude!!
    Go on!!! Tie it down, inbetween it, clean it up, render it, colour it, shaddows, highlights, background, foreground, compositing, FX, music... Ummmm..... anything else i may have missed... hee hee!!!
    Go on, you could have it all done by the end of the day ;) hee hee!!! get cracking!!! :P

    Jokes aside dude, everytime i drop by, your work always amazes me!! You are growing and developing as an artist and animator more and more every day!! I love your stuff, and especially your hunger and determination to always improve!!! :D

    Email me your address, and i'll get you a copy of "Scribble-Tor" in the post. Tell Wes and Timbo, iv got a copy for them too!!! :D

    Happy holidays duuuuude!!!! :D

  2. Oh my GOSH!!!
    That was kinda strange, but in a geeky way COOL!!!
    When i just went to send you the last comment, just a moment ago, it asked for the "Word verification" guess what it was.... ??
    it was torid!!!
    Thats fricking awesome!! Tori-D!!! Thats me!! ha ha!! (Just in case you didnt know, my last name is actually "Davis" not "Cat" (like some people think!!) heehee!!!
    Ok, now im just being super sad. I will go now!! :P

    Toodle pip!!

  3. your too kind tori, was just a bit fun nice to do something without too much thought behind it. if i was Laurent i probably could do all that in just one day but alas i am only human!
    im relieved to hear that you think I'm improving hopefully one day ill reach you level!now that would be cool
    oh really you'll send me your book? ill email you immediately! MAJOR THANKS!!
    ha you were destined to make this comment!
    thank you