Saturday, 28 August 2010

I Struggle On

ridged ridged ridged!!I am trying to loosen up but for some reason I keep stressing on small details then by the time i think i've figured it out i look up and my subject is gone, leaving me with a rubbish drawing. However i shall persevere and keep posting my progression.   

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  1. Hey Frankie! thanks for your comment. i was looking at your drawings and i think they are nice. i think my main piece of advise is keep drawing. every mark you make with a pen or a pencil brings you once tiny step closer to being better. so the more drawings you do the better your gonna get, it's a simple fact. so do lots and lots and lots, every day, and everywhere! another couple of things you can try if you think your drawings are ridged or stiff, is do a continuous line. don't take you pencil of the paper, and try and get it down as fast as possible. bare in mind I'm not saying that you should always do that. but you'll stumble on different elements of you lines that you'll like, and it will inform your future drawings.

    Also, and i think this will really help you, as it's helped me greatly, is buy these two books

    this is notes from the drawing classes given to the disney animators. they are amazing!!

    it's all about the gestural drawing and not how to draw Aladdin head :) I can't speak more highly of these books.

    Well i hope this has helped a little. look forward to seeing more from you!