Sunday, 13 February 2011

On the northern line, week 15 plus others

Some extracts from my new A6 sketchbook created by my friends at Hato Press, made from recycled test/off prints from various artists.

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  1. Hey,
    You've got some nice stuff! I like the first two images and also the Mum and son who look like they've fallen asleep.
    Something which has caught my eye which is another thing to look for.....
    there's the image of a guy at a lightbox and below, an older man....
    In the first image, look at the upper arm in the foreground - the outside line is one nice long curved line... BAM, and on the inside, a straight line to oppose it...BAM. Perfect example
    Below, the arm has many lines, and the inside and outside line follow the same curve (parallel) which is something you want to avoid.
    Keep em coming!