Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lip Sync 2. Rough again!CSM week 19

I tend to bite off more than i can chew with my ideas and so always end up with rough/half finished animations i will have to sort this out and really edit my ideas down to the essentials. the beginning is synced up then its just keys. But you get the idea hopefully. I will inbetween over the next week or so (at least roughly any way) Originally planed to put on a Scottish accent for Breca but my voice kept fading into a weird mix of irish and welsh so i turned it into a cockney instead, think it suits him nicely.     


  1. Thats your voice???????????????????????????? My gosh. I would like to talk to you personally about this, The immediate thing Im seeing is arcs and spacing.He also doesnt feel connected. Next time we meet, we'll talk.

    meanwhile look at these, study them frame by frame.

    email me your no. when you get the chance

  2. I'm enjoying where this is going. I wouldn't worry about it being rough.
    You are there to learn. So take the big chances.
    Before the inbetweening I would nail the broad strokes. get that flowing and this will be amazing. Great work man.