Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Last Minute Changes


  1. looking good frankie! looks like the clean up is going well

  2. YES! Much better start! :D
    Love the subtle changes in his face and the fact his hair gets longer!

  3. the hair growth was inspired by Wayne Rooneys latest follicle exploits. cheers fellas i need to inbetween it but need to crack on with my other shots first. clean up's a bitch!!i dont know how you two manage to do it so well.
    do you think the face expressions work?i wanted him to have a brief recognition that he had changed but then to snap out of it and just concentrate on getting to his wife.

  4. Great work Frankie !!!
    Like the way you changed the energy level from old to young. Can't wait to see on 17th.

    Best wishes.

  5. cheers prakash wish i had more time to improve this, can see so much wrong with it now!but i better just concentrate on finishing!cant wait to see what magic you've produced.