Tuesday, 28 February 2012

more big blue legs

i was thinking post-apocalyptic mutant, amazonian-ish lady who likes to wear bright white undies. 
Its actually a revisit of a character design i did over a year ago while studying, click here to see it. these were drawn straight into flash using the brush tool.         


  1. Hey Frankie, These are great! Is she for anything in particular? I really like the warped proportions

    1. thanks Richard! i have started reading Taiyo matsumoto's Black and White and i love all the warped perspectives he uses in his frames. thanks for noticing. i think i might try do some animation tests with her using warped perspectives.
      how you doing?? im glad to hear that Damed continues to do well. i need to see it again.

  2. Wow. I agree about the fun proportions. They make for such interesting silhouettes. Great poses too.

  3. I love these, really cool design, excellent shapes.

  4. thanks Chris and wesley. think ill do some more of her.