Tuesday, 10 July 2012



  1. Great post dude! There are a couple of images that I reeeeeaaaaally like - the kid asleep with his arms in the air, and the profile of the girl in image 6 - there's this really nice balance between straight up observation and charicature in her... something I can't do!
    With regards to Life drawing below, even though a pose is long, don't be afraid to set your own time limits within the pose and either move around or just stay put and try different things. Like in a 40 minute pose I think, well, if I 4 10min poses, I've got more chance of gettin a good one! :D

    1. thanks man the two images you like are both of my two nieces. image 6 had to be a combination as kids don't sit around for too long!
      i will try that in my next sessions, guess i get too comfortable on my easel.
      when can i see your film??!

  2. Hey Frankie, these are looking great! I haven't checked out your blog in a while. You can really see a change from when you started doing the drawings on the train back at CSM. Personal favourites are the guy on the left in the 5th one down (who looks a bit like Al of Als Toy Barn in TS2!), and the guy on the right in the 6th one down who reminds me of another famous person (I keep thinking George Clooney but its not). Keep it up!