Thursday, 30 August 2012


This is something i started a long time ago and really should of finished by now!I have been faffing about all month and been extremely lazy. but i'm gonna snap out of it and finish this soon. though i'm on a road trip in italy next week so this may delay things further :/ I am actually on the clean up process so the animation has come along little bit further from this.  


  1. Hey Man, Hope your good. This is look nice, Im glad you havent given up on it. I especially like the energy it has when he starts banging the table My one crit is the beard. Does it need the follow through? I think of beard hairs as being quite rigid and britstly (something I learnt from Tim). Maybe it would be better to have his jaw move up and down as opposed to just his mouth. I Keep thinking of brian blessed, big beard really expressive face. Might help. Keep it up man.

  2. Really nice Frankie, love the energy at the end when he smashes the table. I would agree with Wes though, the follow through on the beard could be little more subtle. It has a kind of liquid feel at the moment. Can't wait to see the clean up version! Best of luck.

  3. thanks guys i can see what your saying its far to much, i was trying to get a similar beard feel to 'le royaume' but i can see ive over done it. ha i love how you've been studying tims beard wes. ill try get a the clean up done soon! thanks fellas