Sunday, 18 April 2010

A moment of nostalgia

As i was sorting out my loft yesterday i found some of my old school exercise books from years 6 and 7 hidden within a large carrier bag. I spent some time reading through the pages and remembering the days of Merlin football stickers, the original Mortal Kombat computer game, bunking off games by deliberately forgetting my kit and constantly doodling. These are all drawings from when i was about 10-12 years old, completed during lessons which i obviously failed to sustain my attention. Its amazing how i completely forgot about these but then as soon as i see them i can almost vividly remember the time i drew them. What is really humbling is i loved creating characters and stories when i was child but through the years and misdirection, i neglected this passion and only now, a good 14 years down the line, i have gone full circle and returned to this original love. It is also a strange coincidence that i find these now while i am working in character development and also waiting to embark on studies in character animation. thanks mum and dad for keeping these lil gems safe all these years!     

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