Saturday, 27 November 2010

Flash and After Effects Test, Week 8 CSM

Flash and AE test from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.
On thursday we were taught the basics of using 3D layers with a 2D animation in AE.
I quickly botched up a bird cycle in Flash as well as some background on 4 layers. I then exported all the layers separately as PNG files then imported them into AE. I could then pull the layers apart from a flat image into a 3D image (well more like 2 and half D) and move them around individually. I scaled the cycle to make it look like it was traveling fast from a distance  and played around with camera movements and lighting. Its not exactly studio ghibli but to me it was a very helpful exercise. ill be using AE a lot more in the future me thinks.
Now if I can just find someone with a copy...

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