Saturday, 6 November 2010

Walk Cycle, Week 5 CSM

week 5 walk cycle from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

rough walk cycle from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

When my tutor said that walk cycles are one of the hardest things to do in animation I didn't believe him, now i know better. The small mistakes hurt the most and I see a good few! I hope to do a clean up of this cycle and sort out all the errors whenever i get the chance.
I was inspired by The Lost boys from 'Peter Pan' and create this character who is based on memories of my older brother during our childhood. Playing soldier with rusty metal poles we found in our communal garden was one of our favorite childhood games. Ironically my brother became a soldier when he joined the army years later.


  1. Great walk cycle. The head tilt is really nice.

  2. haha i wish you said that earlier, i spent the whole of yesterday cleaning up and trying to improve the head tilting!though thank you very much hopfully it looks better now.