Saturday, 29 January 2011

Body acting exercise. Week 12/13 CSM

Untitled from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

The thought of cleaning this up scares me, esp with my ever increasing list of things to do!  
For this exercise we were all given a simple activity to animate and we needed to show a change of mood or reaction through body acting. Mine was 'man see's squirrel'. The man in the animation is a builder spending his lunch break in a park. The grumpy squirrel has just had a bad time searching for nuts all day and tries to take a break on the same park bench. The macho builder becomes increasingly more camp as he sees the cute critter and tries to stroke it. But the squirrel is having none of it.  


  1. hehehehe it's nice man. i can really see improvement

  2. cheers tim! i am starting to see the importance of putting more emphasis on poses in animation and i think my gesture drawing is really starting to help me in animation. so hopefully ill get better at both!

  3. The Body attitudes and poses are really strong in this man, well done. I would say, film youself doing those exact poses to see if you can push the transition from pose to pose, overall good JOb :)

  4. thanks a lot wes thats very helpful. ill pay closer attension to the transitions in this weeks tasks.thanks for the feedback i really do appreciate it.