Monday, 10 January 2011

Further Developments

Still developing a character for next terms task project, not entirely happy with theses designs so i will continue with some more tonight. Please leave some feedback otherwise i can see myself dragging out this design process for a very long time. 


  1. love the paint overs, just personal opinion but these feel like they're a tiny bit less sharp round the edges than the ones in your 'scrappy sketchbook spreads' post had. I remember reading somewhere about having a curved line opposite a sharp/spiked corner and so on helps stop everything looking too blunted off - I would say just add a touch more of the sharp corners but then I'm on the 3D side of the wall so I wouldn't trust my drawing feedback too much!

  2. thanks for the feedback guys.
    ur totally right ill try add more emphasis on straights against curves. Its stressed a lot in the 'drawn to life' lectures but i guess i just got lost in 'over design' and over looked it!

  3. niiice! Good start to the new term. Halfway there now!

  4. Hey man, thanks for stopping by. These are cool. I like the 2nd set best and I really like the colours I would say for the top one be careful with how you work out perspective on the head. It kind of gives the feeling that the body was an afterthought. Try to see the body as a whole.

    Really liking the observational drawings, feels really loose