Sunday, 10 April 2011

On the northern line, Week 22

haven't been feeling the poses lately, think I'm just getting tiered of the northern line. 
Good thing I'm on holiday then! I should push myself to draw people in other surroundings.  

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  1. Dude,
    I'm so impressed with how much work you're doing - it's all gonna pay off!

    @Sketchbook stuff
    I really like the coloured characters - I think not BECAUSE they are coloured.... I think they must be the ones you like also, which is why you coloured them! Right? (Though they look awesome in colour too!)
    @Kite Animatic
    This is cool! The animation looks fun and lively - for me there were just two sections that could have been done differently.....
    1) when he can't get the kite down I think it would be better if he stomped off grumpily to get some distance for him to do his big leap up the tree. It would offer more of a contrast between the two movements, compared to what happens now where he does a big leap back, and then leaps back again.
    2) When he's up the tree, there's a a few shots (around 20 secs) where the kite is top left in shot, then bottom right, then top right... and they cut quite quickly so it got a bit disorientating!
    Apart from that Very cool!
    @"Rough Animatic"
    I liked the shot where the boy(or masked person) stole the staff and leapt up the rocks and the camera panned up with him. (He reminded me of the Skull Kid from Majora's Mask :))
    I thought it was a cool short for 1:30. lol Who wanted to know the relationship between the masked kid and the man! It's all in his head - and it's 1:30!!!

    Keep up the good work!