Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Real Reference

The script below is loosely based on an encounter i had while taking a walk in my local park (Cannon Hill Common). I was actually taking photos of trees- as you do- in a remote part of the common when i notice an elderly chap walk past rather slowly... slow even for a old man. I found it strange but continued      snapping away at trees. Some time later in another part of the common i saw the same chap again. He was walking slow still, but suddenly came to a stop. He then raised his head to the sky and fell back hitting the floor flat on his back. I ran to help him- he was broad and heavy- eventually i got him up and walked him to a bench. I sat with him and talked for a while. He and i strangely had a lot in common including our names, he was also named Francis but his friends called him Fran. He has a big family, he's father of eight while I am one of eight members of my immediate family. His wife is one of twelve children and my mum is one thirteen! 
Fran is 87 and has metal knee replacements which weighed six pounds each, so walking for long periods is really difficult for him. He fell back because he simply had no more energy left in him to stand up or even walk. He was thankful that i stumbled into him otherwise he could have been left on the cold muddy floor for a long time, until another passer by came along. I was thankful to meet such a nice man. 

The images above are taken on the common where i met Fran. I intend to use them as reference for my film.         

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