Saturday, 17 September 2011

Character Development for Insurethebox

building from last weeks ideas, trying to simplify the designs and play with shapes.   


  1. These are fantastic, Frankie! Very fun, unique designs, and the lack of outlines makes for a nice look.

  2. These are all really great Frankie! I particularly like the bottom one. I think there's a great variation og shapes with the character. I think that works well. I also like the first one as well. I love the roundness of him :)

  3. I'm with Tim. The top image has enormous character.
    You have really pulled out some great contrasts in all the characters.

  4. Nice work! I like the shapes you have for the characters - nice design. They should be fun to animate.

    What software do you use? Do you animate on paper or digitally?

    Also, I like seeing your concept sketches - great stuff!

  5. you've got some really great character variation! I like all of your art :)