Monday, 12 September 2011

Initial Character Ideas for InsureTheBox

Last week i started working on a new commission with the creative department at insurethebox, a car insurance company that offers a unique service to its customers (check their webpage for more details)
These are a selection of characters from my sketchbook covering a range of initial ideas. My aim is to create a family of characters that are appealing, unique and yet simple enough to be animated fairly quickly. 
more developments to come soon, so keep visiting and providing your valued feedback!thanks          


  1. These are awesome dude!!
    Really loving seeing you improve with every post.
    These characters are really fun!!
    Would be great to see the big guy in the suit animated!!
    Keep up the great work dude!!
    I'll be posting soon!!
    Rock on dude!!

  2. Fantastic post, Frankie! These are great designs. Very distinct characters. I like the colours (the markers are terrific), the shapes you're using, and I dig the square piping. :) I'd love to see these characters animated. Nice work!

  3. Oh frankie, these are wonderful!! Love the designs, can't wait to see them in motion. Colour palate is really gorgeous

  4. Tori!! hi there hows things in LA?? ooh literally cant wait for your next post!! just saw your new blog header! its awesome! ah i wish i had some of your skills!
    thank you improving is always my goal, so at least im going in the right direction.

    chris - thanks a lot for your feedback man. im really happy you like them. i will be posting some more developments soon, hope you can stop by again. the animations will come very soon once we have settled on a concept.

    Hannah- as always thank you for your kind words. may need your help down the line when the hard work begins so its a good thing you like them!

  5. wowzers, you really stepped up your game!
    Good stuff! I'm actually going to tweet about this, ja totally!

  6. Great characters, nicely simplified, I like the colours... some quality work, you're producing there! love to come see the latest LAS films at the National Gallery but unfortunately I can't make it there. Is your film online somewhere? Great work mate, keep it up!

  7. Really incredible designs frankie, glad to see you're doing so well! Hope to see it finalised soon, what is your deadline like?