Thursday, 25 August 2011

Keeping Busy

Monkey Monitor from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

I was commissioned by Ubiquity Comms to create an animation to explain what the software monkey monitor does, without the luxury of a voice over. 

A tight four week project where i had to come up with the concept, design and sfx, also animate composite and direct! but got the job done phew.

Luckily I had help from these lovely and talented people:

music: Rafael Baldwin-

assistant animation:

The client received a slightly different version (i preferred the top one): 


  1. Wicked! Worked out well, man - good job. Terrifying bit of software tho...fuck!

  2. Great job! Tight schedules like that are always scary, but this turned out really well. Congrats!

  3. HEEEY!
    Man that was terrific :)
    What a great job you did! and 4 weeks!? I'm super impressed! Designs, concept (really funny), animation...
    But yeah, scary product! :S
    "Be luck you Mug!!"

  4. So good Frankie, so proud.. it looks great! and all that prep work in just 4 weeks.. awesome.

  5. It's alright I guess.
    Ha, you already know I think it's brilliant, everytime I watch the end bit with lazy boys big eyes and boss man it makes me actually laugh out loud. Nice to see your development as well hun, the character were so lovely to animate!!

  6. Your a top boy. It looks great. really proud of you mate. I see big things in your future :)

  7. Well done Frankie, it's looks amazing! You should be really proud of yourself, nice one :)

  8. wow thank you all for your kind comments!

    Paul- cheers mate im glad you like are things going at sparkel? haa -its an amazing and completely uncontroversial product, which benefits absolutely everyone..... ;)

    Chris- thanks man this was a first for me but a great learning experience, its scary how quick the weeks fly by, every day matters!

    Laurent- i dream of becoming as good as you are now by the time i die, then in my afterlife i shall dream of becoming as good as you will be by the end of year at Gobelins. thank u kindly.

    Saf- thanks hun im not gonna lie it was tuff esp after just finishing. had to be really strict with not branching off the concept and throwing in a backflip.

    Hannah- it wouldn't of got done in time without u, so thank you very much. i feel you have grown quite fond of lazy boy. feel free to keep him just make sure you treat him well and feed his drinking habbit.

    Tim- As long as i have your guidance i will keep on improving (i hope) thanks pal, my aim was to try and impress you.

    Seti- i am just proud that people like it, was worried when i posted it. hopefully more to come!

    thanks for the feedback everyone!

  9. LOVE IT! well done. Seriously great work.

  10. kristian, master of animation it brings me great joy to hear you say that.

  11. I'm sorry to see this properly so late! Really amazing Frankie, and very very funny. I love the traffic cone leg! Well done, looking forward to seeing the next one soon.