Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Character Designs

(above image by Wesley Louis)  
A couple of weeks ago i asked my mentors and friends Kristian and Wes if they wouldn't mind giving me some guidance and pointers on character design (check there blogs they are both unbelievably good artists). I gave them a copy of my Breca design (a couple of posts down) and asked how they would approach developing him further and also how they approach character design in general. I was enlighten by their feedback and below are some rough biro sketches where i tried to apply some of there suggestions. 
By allowing them access to my work i learned a lot more about design principles and it also clearly highlighted some the mistakes i was making, mistakes which had me frustrated but ones only a fresh pair of eyes could point out. 
Still rough and no way near ideal but hopefully they can see some improvements. 

I also got carried away and thumbnailed a short animation idea for Breca:

This isn't the first time the guys have helped me in this way and i hope it wont be the last. thanks again!
more explorations to come!


  1. Good stuff!
    Aww how nice of them ;)
    I really like the one of him sat down with a cape...
    Haven't had a chance to look at the boards - I'll come back!

  2. thanks master rossi, you know how much i appreciate your feedback, if you have any suggestions on where i can improve please let me know.
    i enjoy that pose as well, it inspired the story in the boards.

  3. Looking good frankie i see improvement already.