Friday, 5 August 2011

More Learning

Only have time to share some more sketches as i am still working away on another project. The top five were done while watching a famous animation (someone please guess what animation, if its not obvious then i still suk!) I pushed myself to draw quickly to try and capture what i saw appear on the screen. I mainly tried to focus on character and expressions. Was a fun task and I think i will make it a rule to watch TV with my pad at the ready. Stanchfield does suggest this in his books, dunno why it took me so long to actually do it- being too lazy i guess. 
on another note to myself, i really should break away from making to many/ hairy lines, shows I'm not thinking enough when i draw.   


  1. Easy!! Begins with the letter 'A'
    What do I win!?
    That forced perspective image of the guy with dark hair and blue shirt is awesome, as are the two coloured characters in the image below.
    Top stuff - and all the best for drawing from the TV - must be hard if you don't pause it :/
    (Ok....Akira :P)

  2. ha Aladdin gone mental. phew i must be getting better.
    thanks as ever my good man! those two characters were a farther and son pair i walked past (drawing while walking is hard equally as hard as trying to draw from the tv) they were so cool! the dad was on a scooter and the kid was on a tricycle. the best thing about them was that the dads beard matched his sons brilliant mohawk, same length, shape and colour just turned on its axis. should have followed them for longer- but they looked nails and i didn't want the mohawk kid kicking off.
    it amazing what you see when you just start looking, never leaving the house without my sketchbook now, i need to be more like u Rossi!

  3. From the Northern Line and now to the TV, really nice stuff, great to see that you're still pushing yourself. Hope your projects are going well!

  4. Hey Frankie
    Great sketches!!!!
    I like your reel.

  5. Your drawings are very exciting and action packed. I love your energetic line work. Beautiful and fun work.