Saturday, 22 October 2011

warming up

over the past month i have been working with the talented Director Iria Lopez  on her animated film Jamon. It will be completed in the new year and it already looks fantastic. i wish her the best of luck with all the final touches and i cant wait to see finished piece on the big screen! it has been an absolute pleasure working with you Iria, i will miss your lovely pig characters as well as your well made coffees.
I am now back to working with the creative team at insurethebox. The first order of business was to create a character from there logo to be included in a bill board campaign in Manchester. Unfortunately the socks didn't make it through but the lucky box that did was box no.8. So he'll be roaming the streets and bus stops of manchester in no time. 
ignore the final image i think i was very tired when i did that. More design exploration to come very soon. 
As ever your feedback is most welcome.          


  1. Wow these are wicked!!! I love the middle ones! i think the socks are wicked!

  2. These are really great, i love how you got so much character out of a simple box shape..I really like no. 2