Monday, 17 October 2011

Continued design exploration

these are continued explorations from this previous post. I was advised by wes to observe 'larger' members of the public and to look at there posture as well as think about there structure. so i did a bit of 'chubby chasing' during my daily my commute to work and sketched out these designs. 
please let me know what you think.


  1. Looking good frankie! can't wait to see more

  2. nice work Frankie. I sense a lot of weight and strength in these drawings. I like the wild touch of the characters. the guy with the blonde tache kind of reminds me of hulk hogan. I'd say these fellows all look large, strong and massive (or big-boned like Cartman would say) in a woodcutter kind of way. was that your intention? but they don't seem fat or chubby like a soft, weakish fat guy who eats too many burgers and ice cream. maybe because the beards hide away the double chin. anyway, nicely observed and well drawn. keep it up!

  3. thanks bros hopefully settle on a final design over the next week after u consider his clothing a bit more!

    Hannes- what a keen eye, i was kinda thinking about hollywood hogan when i drew that (when the hulk hogan went bad in WCW if any one remembers that!)
    i am trying to get a overweight but solid/immoveable shape. the idea is that 'Breca' is a former saxon hero. he is still strong and capable, just time, gravity and mead have taken its toll.
    thanks for the feedback!