Saturday, 5 November 2011

Animation tests for insurethebox

testing out a couple of my character designs. a couple more tests to come next week.   


  1. Hi Frankie,

    these are great cycles. The fat guy running looks just like I imgined him when I saw the designs. I like the different squash and strech on the body vs the head. First I thought the body could sqash some more, but it's much funnier with the body staying pretty much in a circular shape and the head sqashing like this. it also goes well with his exhausted and eager expression. very smooth and well spaced animation.

    the box guy still seems a bit stiff to me. he seems very light, like he's almost floating. he has something almost ghost like with his huge eyes, a little creepy almost – but probably he is light because he's a box, right. I think I'd try adding a bit of turning to his body, either front/back (x-axis) or side to side (y-axis) if you want to keep him in the horizontal line, which fits to his quare shape. the y-axis turning would make him appear more 3d and could make animation too complicated. maybe he's just right the way he is. it's very simple and it seems to be appropriate to this character.

    I also like your other designs of your post, awesome stuff!

  2. the run turned out well man! good jobby. I box dude isn't as good as the other designs you did, dame them for picking that one. but it's a big lesson you learnt, never show the client work you don't like.

  3. thanks fellas. i gota thank you tim as well as Kristain and wes for all your pointers on the run cycle. the walk does need some more work and i understand what your saying Hannes though i love the fact you find him creepy ha!i think more movement in th y axis could work, and ill add more up and down movement as well as squash to give it more weight.
    thanks for taking the time to give me feedback its much appreciated.