Sunday, 6 November 2011

finding shape

i think i have finally settled on a shape for my character Breca. over the next week i am going to use the red structure to play around with costume and colour. hopefully i will settle on a final design soon then i will get on to doing a character turn around. i have a few animation tests i want to do with him after that, then ideally i will start piecing together a narrative for a short film, roughly one minute long. 
feedback would be most appreciated during these stages. thank you! 


  1. Dude!!
    So sorry I haven't been leaving comments over all these awesome posts :(
    But here I am! Better late than never hey!?
    Liking the model here for Brecca - maybe add a little volume to the chest? It's the only thing that isn't 'meaty'...
    Loved your cycles below too - the designs you did for the insurance company are great!
    Hope all's well!

  2. hey laurent i have missed you on the blogging scene! I'm still eagerly awaiting your triumphant return!
    oh cool thanks i will increase the volume on my next pass, i was trying to get a saggy chest feel but i guess if i do i should really push it so its more obvious.
    im really enjoying the graphic characters im producing for insurethebox, they're a lot of fun to animate
    thanks for the feedback master rossi, it is always appreciated and please never hesitate to give me more.
    how are things going at gobelin??your animating in 3d right??

  3. Yo! Its all good man :)
    Yeah, we just started our last 3d exercise (3 in total), and then its on to the films :P
    But i've loved doing the 3d!
    Take it easy!!!