Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nickelodeon storyboards

These are some storyboards for a couple more idents based on the same concept as the animations above. The two characters are loosely based on my relationship with my older brother. The little grouchy looking character represents me and the big slow witted character is my brother (a very accurate depiction in my view ;) ). The stories are based on how my brother always seems to unintentionally, stress me out to the point of explosion but seemingly appears none the wiser, as if he were doing nothing at all. The little grouch (me) is cocky and critical and as a result is the victim of bad karma.

In the first storyboard the two brothers are on a beach, doing what every boy does when on a pebbled beached, needlessly throwing rocks until their shoulders dislocate. The grouch throws a pebble and is quite cocky about the distance of his throw. His dim wit brother (btw Ryan i am only joking) then reaches down for a rock but as a result of not paying attention, grabs the grouch and launches him far into the sea (further than the pebble), then turns to the screen with an idiotic expression on his face.

The second story board is an introduction to the Dinosaur animation above. 
My brother is happy painting an orange object until I come along and start criticizing his work. Believing myself to be a better artist than my brother i demand the brush and begin to alter his work. Only then does the object start to move and reveal the sharp teeth of a theropod dinosaur. Again i pay for being cocky and critical. The moral of the story is quite clear.            

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