Friday, 26 February 2010

Mud monster sculptures

These are some plasticine models i made. originally i created these with the intention of producing a stop motion animation about a battle/rugby match between monsters made of mud. However these are some great examples of jumping into a project without fully researching into the techniques of production. I had read a few books about making a plasticine animation with a few household materials and soon jumped into producing my first models. I had read that i could use a coat hanger to make the skeleton of the model so that it could be moved without falling apart, but the one i used was too rigid and the metal contained too much memory. The result was that i couldn't move the models with it returning to its original position. I also didn't round off the ends of the metal, so every time i moved it the metal would pierce through the plasticine. 
So the stop motion idea ended. oh well you really learn through experience so i guess next time ill spend more time researching!!
They do make nice sculptures mind you.         

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