Friday, 26 February 2010

'Grow with Rugby' animation

I used the same technique as in my previous animations but this time i drew over 350 frames, each of them then scanned, textured and adjusted on photoshop before editing on flash! Its a long process but in my opinion it really pays off. 
There are a few things i want change and edit out when i get the chance. I am not happy with the the whole 'up in smoke' ending, but it was something i resorted to as i had ran out of time. The slogan is very cheesy but i've never been good with slogans, so it can stay. At least i have added some sound this time!!i still need to get my head around applying sound effects when i do ill post it again.
overall i am quite impressed with being able to complete almost a minute of a hand drawn animation without any animation tuition. I am now keen to continue my exploration into animation, to get my head around the fundamentals and hopefully get a lot better! 
-music extract from Transformers:The soundtrack, Steve Jablonsky.

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