Thursday, 25 February 2010

my 1st animation!!Nick Ident 1

this is my 1st exploration into animation which i completed while in my 3rd year at uni. I had always wanted to do my own animation but just didn't seem to get the chance or tuition throughout my time at uni. i finally managed to take the plunge into various animation texts when i was able to conduct a self initiated project last year. 
After reading a few books i managed to gain a really basic understanding of how to make a hand drawn animation. So with the help of a lightbox i hand drew all the frames (around 40 in total). The only other problem was my complete lack of software knowledge- enter professor Youtube- a few flash tutorials later and my 1st animation was complete :) 
no sound yet but i reckon ill add it later when i get the chance, ill then upload the vid again.    

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